Own your mobile home

Emplacement libre, parcelle pour mobil-home

Pre-equipped free plot

Each parcel for residential mobile home includes:

Electricity, water and sewer connections (installation by our technical teams when positioning your mobile home).

A vegetable hedge separates you from the neighboring pitches

From € 3,950 for a pitch of 150 m2

Terrace and garden shed

Optional, installation by our teams:
Wooden terrace (covered or not)
according to your dimensions
Wooden garden shed 2.5m x 2m maximum
(possibility of electrical connection, water supply and drainage).
Annonces mobilhome d'occaion camping Berck-sur-mer

Choose a second-hand mobile home

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Description of the plot

The area of ​​the plot is 180 m2 minimum

Each pitch for mobile home is delivered "turnkey":
lawn, plant hedge around the pitch, sump with general stop valve and bleed screw, all the sewer, electricity (minimum 10 amps) and water.

From 180 m2, possibility of parking a second car on the pitch.

Included in the price: 100 units of electricity consumption and 2 units of water consumption.


At your expense: electrical connection: € 100 including tax.
Billing: if your annual consumption is greater than 100 units: € 0.20 including tax per unit of electricity consumption exceeded.


At your expense: water connection: € 100 including tax.
Billing: if your annual consumption is greater than 2 units: € 6 including tax per unit of water consumption exceeded.

Possibility of payment         

- A monthly payment without fees: January 15th deadline
- Three successive monthly payments without expenses: January 15th, February 15th and March 15th.

In December-January, total closure of the campsite . Apart from this period, the electricity will be activated and the water will not be distributed as long as there is a risk of frost.

Dead garage: 15 € per day